This training is based upon my years of experience both behind the camera and on stage. 

Your Superhero is Inside You!

Following 3 Steps you can learn to tap into your Superhero Self anchor a new framework with tools from which you can access your inner confidence.

It wasn't always easy for me! 

I remember the first time I had to speak up in a group. I was terrified. I didn't speak or share in the sessions and by day 3 I just collapsed and cried. I never really felt comfortable public speaking. Let alone having the confidence to pursue my passion and dream of acting. So I hid behind the camera.   

So here's the thing...

I understand Confidence. I understand fear. I totally get what happens when you want to express yourself and just feel like you fail. So you isolate and hide.  

The change happened when...

I began to Reconnect to Me. I learnt about energy and how I create my experience. I learnt to Reconnect to Who I was and become my own Source. To Who I Am.

Before that, I was acting confident and playing at it, but it never felt real.

The truth is, your confidence is Within You. You have a Superhero inside with a Voice, Power, Spirit that is HUGE.  

Are you ready to discover it...?

Confidence Training

Whatever area of your life you are looking to transform and build your confidence in this training is designed to offer you insights and shift your whole perspective. 

In each step you'll be given techniques and tools to help guide you into understanding the connection between what is preventing you from feeling confident and really knowing, feeling and embodying confidence as your natural state of being. 

Step 1 - Conscious Awareness

Understand the bigger picture of how becoming consciously present and aware  is part of your experience and learn how your beliefs keeps you in stuck patterns.

Understand why, where you place your focus and set your attention, is relevant and vital in your transformation and learn that all energy has a vibration and what you create you attract.

Understand that self-value really is an inside job and learn how to become mindful in order to tap into your inner potential.


Is the scientific work of HeartMath and colour psychology to show  that situations we believe can cause anxiety have an impact on our lives. I'll share why it's important and how you can work to bring your Conscious Awareness to the moment by understanding the bigger picture of energy, manifestation and where our beliefs come from.  

Step 2 - Creative

Understand that everything is energy including the words you speak and learn how to navigate the link between what you say and what you feel and how to create a new confident language.

Understand how your perception of your reality is based in your past and learn how to adjust your focus to getting the results you want.

Understand how your intention is held in your body whether you are speaking or not and learn how to come from your truth.


Understand that our feelings are part of our responses and learn how connect to your feelings and use them for positive results.


Is the wonderful tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to start getting Creative. I'll share how our words, what language we use to ourselves and others is paramount to creating new intentions. 

Step 3 - Cohesive

Understand that your body is your instrument in every situation and learn how to connect with your body in a deeper way.

Understand that breathing is part of energy and learn how to use the flow of energy, your breath and voice to connect to your power.

Understand how giving yourself anchors to new experiences shifts your perspective and learn how to connect to your position of power and access that when you need


Is how the body, breath and voice all work in harmony. I share how to start using your instrument as part of your over-all approach. Working with the breath and sound as a way to ground yourself and stay in the present moment. 

Confidence Training


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