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Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage

Katherine Louise Jones, massage in Storrington, West Sussex, let go of tension, reduce stress, coach

Holistic Massage is a gentle massage that works by improving flow, increasing circulation and stimulating muscles. It is relaxing yet clients feel refreshed after treatment as it invigorates the muscles to release tensions and helps the lymphatic system to flow and release toxins. The vibration of touch from the strokes on the surface affects the deeper muscles promoting ease of movement and wellbeing.  

Applied BioMechanics

Rebalance mind, body & soul gentle & powerful healing, reduce stress, align body, create balance

ABM is a simple approach to bring the body into alignment. Therapists work with the principle that the base of the spine is the centre of gravity for the body from which the spine aligns upwards. The gluteus muscle, the largest in the body,  supports the pelvis and base of spine; tension, accidents or trauma can affect our balance creating a distorted pattern. AMB uses a gentle touch to release the gluteus maximus so the body is able to rebalance. 

TMJ Reset

TMJ Reset relaxes major facial muscles helping alleviate stress, tensions, anxiety,

TMJ reset is a gentle way to relax  and reset the facial muscles promoting a healing from the top down. Shifting tensions is carried out by placing the hands over certain facial muscles sending them energy which allows them to relax and release tension. It promotes a rebalance of the muscles and nerves in the face through vibratitional energy from the practitioners hands.

Simply Be


Katherine provides a calm, relaxing space in which to simply be, to release tension and stress. As an holistic therapist her interest is in mind, body, soul alignment by working with the body to re-balance and improve all areas of well-being. 

Katherine holds an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage, is certified as a UK AMB practitioner and trained in TMJ Reset in 2006. 

Katherine works incorporates The Colour Mirrors System with colour psychology as a Colour Mirrors coach and teacher; has trained as both a HeartMath® coach/trainer; practitioner of EFT (Tapping) practitioner and holds and RSA Certificate in Counseling Skills for the Development of Learning which she took alongside a 2 year foundational course in Psychotherapy (Spectrum - London 2001-2003).

She has further trained in Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Matrix Reimprinting, MindMap Tapping and a Self-Directed Play based on the work of Rachel Pinney.  


Holistic Massage with The Jasper Oils for positive intention and affirmations for mind, body & soul.

Clients have the option to choose a massage with colour oils from the Colour Mirrors range of bottles or Jasper Oils.  Both hold positive ways to support mind, body and soul with the Jasper Oils offering 7 amazing intentions; Love, Abundance, Gratitude, Bliss, Hope, Grace, Serenity and Inner Strength.

Clients will be able to take away the special oil bottles to continue to work and use them as a body oil. 

Massage Treatments

Katherine Louise Jones, reducing stress, bridging change, massage, EFT, Colour Therapy, Jasper Oils

45 min       Holistic Massage                      £30

60 min       TMJ Rest & Massage               £45

90 min       Full Body Massage & TMJ     £55

120 min     Massage, ABM & TMJ             £80

Colour Mirrors bottle                                   £33

Jasper Oil                                                         £40



Katherine Louise Jones Massage, Colour Mirrors, HeartMath® relax, balance, harmony, tension stress

“I have had several massage treatments with Katherine and have always come away with greater clarity and peace as well as a body that feels rested, nurtured and relaxed. Katherine brings a lightness of touch and warmth together with her immense skill and expertise. I highly recommend Katherine.”


"Katherine  is a warm kind person who has a wealth of experience in the art of  massage. I have known Katherine through using her services in mind, body  and soul; every appointment has been a relaxing and truly beneficial experience." 


"Katherine is a caring and intuitive practitioner who, with her massage skills,

treats the whole person. She deserves every success in her chosen profession."


"I have had the pleasure of a number of massages from Katherine. She is good at reading the body and focusing extra time on areas where needed. She also has a wealth of knowledge with all the training she has done and will use this knowledge, as well as her intuition, to help you achieve a perfect balance on all levels." 


"It was a wonderful experience."


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