Bridging Change

awaken & activate conscious energy



Bridging Change

awaken & activate conscious energy



the first step...


creatively activating your energy

Bridging Change invites you to activate your Whole Being on the path to awakening, through conscious energy with All of You; Mind, Body and Soul.  Igniting the power of your voice, aligning with your beautiful body and creatively bridging your mind and emotions with your divine soul. 

Do you ever feel that you want to change something perhaps a habit, 

the way you feel, your job or where you live; 

what you are experiencing in your life? 

Have you tried everything from talking therapies to affirmations to exercise and diet and still keep the persistent feeling of

 'it's not working' or 'I don't know what to do'? 

The journey is about coming home to your whole-self;  an awakening to consciousness, taking the leap and birthing your divine feminine essence to include soul, your intuition, higher self, the divine. Your Divine Self. Whole Being. 

This is the key to empowering You to your life's purpose.


Private Clients


Individual sessions are a great way to gain support through making change. It helps you to understand where you are and gain perspective of the change you want to make. 

I facilitate change with clients by working with The Colour Mirrors System, sound and sacred geometry as tools for transforming experiences. These may be different from what you are used to, though I combine holistic energy practices with a foundation in counselling and psychotherapy techniques to help you. 

I bring wisdom and guidance to unlock the obstacles & limitations to help release you from the patterns you find yourself in and help you feel confident to taking the first step to change. 

Working together over a period of time gives you the space to re-frame your journey  and create positive new outcomes. Enquire or Book here

Bridging Change


When we start to question the What's? Why's? and How's? we begin a journey into exploring and understanding the whole-self and including our soul as part of the process of change. 

We start to tune into an intuition that we have and what - where it guides us; do we listen to this or repeat the patterns? When we listen to our inner guidance we connect with the understanding that there is more to life than our current experiences.

But where to begin... 

I offer tools and techniques how to bridge the change to create focus and clarity on the journey of change. You are not alone! Change is a process of evolving. 

I will guide you to look within for the answers, to understand yourself in a deeper context  to our whole-being of mind, body and soul.  



Katherine runs yearly training in The Colour Mirrors System.  In March 2019 she will be offering online Practitioner Training. See here.

Katherine also gives talks, writes and runs workshops. The next events  will be:

2nd March - Mind Body Spirit, Lewes

30th March - Wellness Day, Guildford

12- 13th October - The World Energy Conference , Manchester 

Client's Words...



'helped me focus my thoughts'

'dig deeper'

'opened the way for a new path'

'full of confidence'

'the bigger picture'



'powerful experience'

'reconnect to divine self'


'flow and shine back'

'opened the gate to a new path'

'powerful process'

'insights and wisdom'


'lighter in mind a different person ever since'

'helping me get things in perspective'

A Colour Mirrors Video....

This was the response from some of the  participants on day 2 at The Transformation Conference in Brighton January 2019.


Denise, Leatherhead

"I have to say that, after trying to heal my left side for about 15 (!) years, one session with you on Saturday has made a massive difference and I can actually lie on my left side a bit again.   I've known for years that I've got a problem with receiving but have tried so many things to shift it...I'm so astounded that the energy shifted so quickly!!!  I'm seriously thinking of training in Colour Mirrors as well!!!  Thanks SO much!" 

Carina, Haslemere

"I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed our sessions and how much I have got out of them.  Thank you for your insights and wisdom.  It has helped me to detach and move on from something that has been bugging me for ages and I couldn't seem to shift."

Jackie, Coventry

"Thank you SO much for your love and skilful facilitation this week, and thank you for your email of helpful notes and ideas. The process you led me through was very powerful and came out of the blue. I was stunned by the ‘falling into place’ of so much of what I’ve experienced in my life (and maybe previous lives). It makes me smile that it was vanity and camera/video work that drew me to you and I got SO much more!"

The Transforming Power of Colour

The Colour Mirrors System

The Colour Mirrors System is a powerful guide to understanding, interpreting and growing from life's experiences. 

Katherine works with Colour Mirrors Bottles as a way of bridging the subconscious and conscious patterns that can limit areas of our lives and helps clients to transition through change.  

The Colour Mirrors System can be applied in areas such as: 

- seeing our blocks, limiting beliefs and where we feel stuck

- offers us insights into our process of understanding our mind, body, soul connection to Wholebeing

- shows us our life purpose through numerology and Colour Soul Readings 

- provides us with the opportunity to transform patterns (relationship & family) as well as security, work and life choices

- allows us to tap into our selves to show us how to grow and expand

As a Teacher, Katherine runs Certified Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training in person and online (new in January 2019) as well as running workshops, training and giving talks around Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. 

As well as a teacher, Katherine also writes and was asked by a PR Company to write up research about colour psychology and it's use in understanding design which was used in various publications. She will be presenting at the Transformation Conference in Brighton (January 12th & 13th) as well as at the Manchester World Energy Conference (October 12th & 13th) 2019. 

"Colour zones 'key to boosting performance at work', say experts...

Dale Office interiors spoke to a number of top colour psychologists and design consultants to find out how colour zones can affect productivity."

A selection of Colour Mirrors Bottles

A selection of Colour Mirrors Bottles



Penny, Midhurst

"Thank you for your lovely empowering words...right this moment I feel very  empowered and being grateful for, and thanking the universe, for seeing how to forgive. Thank you Katherine for your understanding and knowledge, you really have opened the gate for me to follow a new beautiful loving path."

Sarah, Brighton

"Wow ! Thank you so much for your help. You have really helped me dig deeper & helped me understand where I should focus my thoughts. You really are a special women & a great teacher. I'm so grateful to have found you."

Melanie, Rogate

"I left the workshop feeling lighter in my mind and full of confidence of the future ahead of me and I have felt a different person ever since. I no longer have all the worries I was carrying and I now see the bigger picture in everything. I feel more in the present moment and have stopped the need of trying to work the future out and now just let in unfold in its own time."


Terms and Conditions APply



A brief introduction to a 7 step programme I created working with The Colour Mirrors System and Envisioning. You can see the full length videos on YouTube. 

More About Katherine


Certified Training

  • Teacher and Practitioner of The Colour Mirrors System
  • Workshop Facilitator and Coach of HeartMath
  • Practitioner Levels 1-3 EFT (Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting
  • RSA Certificate Counselling Skills for the Development of Learning 
  • Certified ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage Therapist
  • Certified Applied Bio-Mechanics Therapist

Other Holistic Training

  • Matrix Reimprinting (Karl Dawson 2014)
  • Mind-Map Tapping 
  • Self-Directed Play through The Childrens' Hours Trust
  • Psychotherapy - a 2 year experiential course in humanistic approach (Spectrum UK)

Ongoing Development

Webinars, seminars online training; 

  • Broken Brain - Dr Mark Hyman
  • Interconnected Series - Dr. Pedram Shojai
  • The Sacred Science of Sound 
  • NICAM - National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine - various courses 

Television Career

15 year career, here are some CV credits. Katherine has a CV on Linkedin

  • Aldi - award winning commercial finding locations & nationwide casting 
  • Stephen Fry in The City of London (Sprout Pictures for ITV)
  • Wild LIfe at the Zoo (Imagination TV for ABC Australia)
  • Child Survivors (Dragonfly for Animal Planet)
  • Born to Shine - ITV 
  • Emmy nominated 'The History of US' (Nutopia for The History Channel)
  • Derren Brown 3 (Objective Productions for C4)
  • Grand Designs (Talkback Thames for C4)

Acting Career

7 years including of stage and screen:

  • Repertory Theatre - Sidmouth
  • Shakespeare Season - Cambridge
  • Pantomime - Touring
  • Chekhov - London 
  • Award winning Ep 3 'The History of US' - Mill Girls 
  • New Writing Plays - London & Norwich

Katherine's Journey

We all have a story about our journey; it's the human approach to hold a narrative about our life as a way of processing all our experiences. 

My great love was Shakespeare and Chekhov as story-tellers, not that I understood them at all during school years, though later as an actress playing the characters and acting the story-drama-narrative. I understand how we can get hooked into the story, the roles we take on in family, friends, work. What we say to others. How we communicate. Through words and the body. Language and physical traits have become a big part of I how l listen to clients and see the patterns. 

I tend to hesitate 'telling my story', as for me it's become the understanding that I chose every part of it for my own experience to remember how extraordinary I Am.  Though I also am aware of how we understand each other by the hearing and sharing experiences, it helps us identify with each other, and we feel safe and connected when we share similar experiences.  

As a child of barely 2 my family moved abroad and by the time I was 5 I had lived in 4 different countries. One was a swift and frightening exit in the panic that ensued due to the break out of war (Cyprus), one was remote and isolated (South Africa), before my family finally settled in Hong Kong.  

I remember being afraid of the dark and of being stung by a bee. I went to boarding school in the UK at 8 years old and was this tiny girl in a school; I remember the first day and not yet knowing the system I was left alone in the dormitory whilst everyone had gone to dinner. Abandonment has been a life experience. Illness became the norm, with regular tonsilitis and glandular fever, a legacy of genetic / hereditary illness and arriving in this world with jaundice.  A fire started one night in our home, and  at 9 years old I woke to 'something' I could sense, though as my parents were not present, I discovered the fire. My screams alerted my brother and neighbours.  

Teenage years felt isolating; not only as my parents marriage broke up when I was 10 resulting in a return to the UK, leaving behind  the security of family life; my home, friends and pets and resettling in the UK. Boarding school, as in any school, you have to navigate the other children all acting out their own stuff, was part of a process of learning rights and wrongs.  I often felt misunderstood by those around me; a need to be heard not met. I recently found a diary from 1988 in which I wrote "Mum wonders if I want to go and live in a child's home". Not being understood for Me was a part of my experience. 

I had two car crashes one at  18 and the other at 20, serious ones where I know I could have 'left' this planet.  I had a break-down before I turned thirty; walking around crying all the time, holding my dad's hand as we walked down the street because I didn't think I could manage by myself.  I understand panic-attacks and locked trauma in the body and have continued to train in somatic and physical body work in order to help others release.

My breakdown was the biggest gift as it led me to therapy and then psychotherapy training which I did for 2 years as well as training in Counselling Skills.  I continued my television career, started my acting one and finally left London to retrain in holistic and energy practices in 2013.

Transforming the situations we find ourselves in, the work, family dynamics, understanding communication, having confidence and mostly being able to take action to change is not only my journey but my passion to share.  Change is natural, it's the shifting on all levels that takes the time to adjust mind,body, soul, though through our actions we can move through change with flow. 

We all are evolving as we continue to move through our experiences; nothing ever stays the same and our journey is to find the balance and harmony within the moments of change and transformation. Believe me, I don't think there is a 'right' or 'wrong' way.  I mess up. I say things. I act out. Though I have absolutely learned to understand the process, allow flow and navigate my way through and I reconnect to the bigger picture and my divine source within.  

We bring our whole-selves, not just our mind or our body, but our soul too, all working in unity to create the path of our evolution. The revolution is in understanding that our alignment is with the trinity in order to deeply connect with all of our-selves and ultimately the collective as One. 


Meike, Dorking

"Thank-you Katherine, whew that was more than I expected in terms of releasing! Thank-you for guiding me on your workshop through some potent processes that released some deep seated misperceptions and helped to reconnect more fully 

with my divine self."

Sarah, Eastbourne

"Katherine was the perfect person to host this workshop. Extremely knowledgable about energy work especially the colour mirrors and the emotional and energetic meaning behind the colours.  I really enjoyed the workshop. With Katherine's  compassion and guidance she beautifully led me gently through two massive shifts of my own.  One of which was a huge trigger moment with lots of anger and tears. Thank you Katherine for being so kind and patient and guiding me. A great workshop and great experience for me personally.  I now feel as if I have my flow and shine back ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Kate, Haywards Heath

"From the moment I met Katherine I knew that I really liked her and  that she was someone who I wanted to learn from.  She has this energy  about her and a calmness which is just wonderful. The workshop was  wonderful and working with Katherine was fantastic.  She certainly  helped me to shift some things that I was holding onto.  Katherine is a  very kind, feminine and open.  I felt safe with her and was able to be  honest and open up about myself and my feelings.  She really helped me  to work through some issues and if I could see her every day I would.   She is an amazing woman and what a fantastic therapy the colour mirrors  system is.  It just seems to completely know what you need and it was so healing." 


How can I help?

Thank you for visiting my website!

My own journey and experiences guides me in the work I now do.  
I have been through many changes from careers to relationships, homes to health.
Like many I have loved, lost, grieved, felt angry at my experiences and often felt alone.
In my search to understand and grow I have sought both traditional and holistic approaches in awakening  which now informs how I bridge the mind, body, soul integration.
Love & Light  

Katherine Louise Jones

Pulborough, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom