A little Bit about me...

I offer mentoring and personal sessions to bring together an awareness in emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being.  

Our journey is very much about being in the physical body and it's the key to being able to work with energy in how we feel, think, experience life and let go of trapped energy that's left imprints in our Energy Signature.  

I guide people through transformation by working with energy techniques for a deeper understanding to life's experiences. I help to remind you of your Soul Experinece, the bigger picture which holds your Akashic Records, so you can reconnect to your personal blueprint.

My background

In 2001 I started a 2 year training in Psychotherapy after I had been seeing a psychotherapist following a breakdown and panic attacks. All the accumulated and unresolved trauma I had experienced in my life. In 2002 I added a year course of Counseling Skills for the development of learning. This gave me an understanding of the emotional responses we experience in life and how to guide people to work through them.  

I continued in my career as a television producer though the deeper understanding of myself gave me time to reflect on my life. I chose to not have any regrets and started training to be an actress as this was my lifelong passion. 

In 2013 I decided to leave London and my acting and producing career both of which weren't fulfilling me anymore. I moved to West Sussex and started to retrain in Energy healing techniques and continue my journey with study and learning about trauma, the human body and our divine connection. 

I use colour psychology, sound, sacred geometry, EFT, HeartMath® and other energy techniques to facilitate shifting perspective from situations and problems to find balance and purpose. 

Clients visit me on a personal basis for 1:1 work and I run workshops, give talks and teach Practitioner Training in The Colour Mirrors System.  

I run a Positive Living Group in West Sussex, a monthly meeting for the community to connect and listen to talks covering a range of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 




Certified Training

  • Teacher & Practitioner The Colour Mirrors System 
  • Workshop Facilitator and Coach of HeartMath®
  • Practitioner Levels 1-3 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner
  • Counselling Skills for the Development of Learning (RSA Certified)

Other Training

  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Mind-Map Tapping
  • Children's Hours Trust Facilitor
  • Psychotherpay - a 2 year experiential course in humanistic approach (Spectrum UK)
  • Mindcalm (a day's intro)
  • Applied Bio-Mechanics (for Spinal alignment)
  • 3 years pt training in Acting with The London Repertory Company Academy

Current Training 

  • Holsitic Massage (graduation May 2018)

Acting & Television Career

  • Repertory Theatre - Sidmouth
  • Shakespeare Season - Cambridge
  • Pantomime - Touring 
  • Chekhov - London
  • New Writing - London & Norwich 

A Selection of Television Credits

  • Award Winning Aldi Commercial - casting and location 
  • Sprout Pictures, Stephen Fry in the City of London for ITV 
  • Ricochet Pilot 'Hollywood Me' for Channel 4
  • Imagination 'Wild Life at the Zoo' for ABC Australia
  • Dragonfly Film & TV 'Child Survivors' for Discovery Channel/ Animal Planet
  • ITV 'Born to Shine' with various celebrities
  • History Channel with Colin Firth 'People Speak'
  • Nutopia Award Winning 'America: The Story of US' for The History Channel 
  • Granada 'The Plays The Thing' with Sonia Freidman for Channel 4 
  • Talkback Thames 'Grand Designs Village' with Kevin McCloud for Channel 4
  • BBC 2 with Jimmy Doherty 'Jimmy's Farm'
  • Objective 'Mind Control 3' with Derren Brown for Channel 4

Sales Positions

  • European Sales Manager, Hyatt London
  • Trainee Sales Manager International Wine Company
  • Sales for Berkley Homes Kent and St Modwen's Wembley