Katherine Louise Jones

I work with energy techniques to align Mind, Body & Soul and bring about transformation to help heal the fragments of trauma that are energetically imprinted from past experiences.  

The Holistic approach connects with all parts of us as we each have physical, emotional, and mental patterns along with our Soul that makes up our unique blueprints.  

When we address our energy signatures we can view the patterns we have been operating and make a conscious choice to change our vibration that will bring us into alignment with ascension. 

Techniques & Programmes

Colour Therapy

The Colour Mirrors System  is a wonderful tool for exploring areas that subconsciously we are not aware are holding us back. 

By working with colour we attune to the frequency of what may be limiting us, enabling us to shift perspective, connect with our soul purpose and transform. 


This resource offers a way to manage our daily lives, reduce stress and balance our emotions. 

The research carried out by The HeartMath® Institute is incredible with science proving  that in just 6 months we can find a stress free way of living by engaging in a practice that focuses us connecting our breath and heart. 

Energy Techniques

Energy Techniques such as EFT and Matrix Birth Reimprinting are fabulous tools to guide and assist us in tapping into the field of energy that all life is supported by. 

We hold traumas in our cellular memory that can play out as programmes and patterns and by accessing the energy field we release 

energetic imprints. 

Your Soul Experience

What is your mission in this lifetime? 

We all have life experiences that lead us down certain paths and my work is about looking at the path You are on and discovering what the key is to moving into a new level of thinking and being.  

Discover your unique blueprint!

Developing your conscious awareness in the moment is about striving for a deeper meaning and connection with who you are and realising your potential for abundance.

Your Star Voice

How is your language affecting your health? 

We respond to ourselves with language that can limit us and repeat the same patterns.  Equally what we say, how we react to others, is part of a bigger journey into discovering our inner meaning. 

Find the language of your Soul!

Finding the Superhero Voice is about creating new self talk - getting naked & really truthful about the words we use and the thoughts behind them so that you create a whole new language that supports you in living an amazing life!

Your Navigation Map

Do you know how to stay out of stress?

Often we attempt to fix eternally things in our lives; relationships, jobs, homes, finances.

Reconnect to your Source Within!

Reconnecting to our internal map we can navigate our path and influence our external reality. 

Connecting with your body and emotions you will shift the vibration of patterns, letting go of stress and creating new energy signatures that support you to your highest potential. 



Working with Energy Tecnhiques is not a diagnosis or cure so alwasy consult a Doctor for Medical advice.


Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training

For more details see the Colour page on my webiste or visit www.colourmirrors.com



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All payments are made on booking an appointment. Choose the appointment you would like and pay either using paypal or a bank transfer. 

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Send an email with what you would like from a session and how many you would like to book. I am always happy to have a telephone conversation prior to making a booking to see if working together will be helpful for you.

Top Tip Vlogs

Welcome to my Website. I was given (downloaded) "Conscious, Creative, Cohesive" back in 2012 and I use it as a foundation for my training programmes. It breaks into the Soul's Experience (Conscious), Getting Naked (Creative) and Energy Signature (Cohesive) Here's a brief introduction to Confidence...


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