Transformation & Wellbeing Coach

Mind, Body  & Soul 



My own journey and experiences guides me in the work I now do.  

I have been through many changes from careers to relationships, homes to health. 

Like many I have loved, lost, grieved, felt angry at my experiences and often felt alone.

In my search to understand and grow I have sought both traditional and holistic approaches in transformation, which now informs how I bridge the mind, body, soul integration. 

Thank you for visiting my website. 

Love & Light  


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Katherine guides clients to integrate mind-body-soul to understand the Whole Self as part of the process of change. Working with The Colour Mirrors System, sound and science based energy techniques for lasting results.

Transform repeating patterns, traumatic events, family/relationships and career changes with the wisdom Katherine brings from years of experience, as well as her compassionate and intuitive guidance. 

Katherine provides a framework of positive change to experience more focus, clarity, balance and harmony with practical techniques to experience less stress, anxiety and confusion. 


Denise, Leatherhead

"I have to say that, after trying to heal my left side for about 15 (!) years, one session with you on Saturday has made a massive difference and I can actually lie on my left side a bit again.   I've known for years that I've got a problem with receiving but have tried so many things to shift it...I'm so astounded that the energy shifted so quickly!!!  I'm seriously thinking of training in Colour Mirrors as well!!!  Thanks SO much!" 

Carina, Haslemere

"I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed our sessions and how much I have got out of them.  Thank you for your insights and wisdom.  It has helped me to detach and move on from something that has been bugging me for ages and I couldn't seem to shift."

Jackie, Coventry

"Thank you SO much for your love and skilful facilitation this week, and thank you for your email of helpful notes and ideas. The process you led me through was very powerful and came out of the blue. I was stunned by the ‘falling into place’ of so much of what I’ve experienced in my life (and maybe previous lives). It makes me smile that it was vanity and camera/video work that drew me to you and I got SO much more!"


Private Clients

Individual sessions are a great way to gain support whilst going through change. Working together over a period of time gives the space to re-frame your experience and create positive new anchors. Enquire or Book here

Bridging Change

Bridging Change is a platform for Group  Training  offering a 3 step process created by Katherine to release stress in an easy, safe and practical way using scientific backed techniques.


Katherine runs yearly training in The Colour Mirrors System.  In January 2019 she will be offering online Practitioner Training. See here.

Katherine also gives talks and will be speaking at the Transformation Conference in Brighton (12-13th January) and at The World Energy Conference in Manchester (12-13th October)


Penny, Midhurst

"Thank you for your lovely empowering words...right this moment I feel very  empowered and being grateful for, and thanking the universe, for seeing how to forgive. Thank you Katherine for your understanding and knowledge, you really have opened the gate for me to follow a new beautiful loving path."

Sarah, Brighton

"Wow ! Thank you so much for your help. You have really helped me dig deeper & helped me understand where I should focus my thoughts. You really are a special women & a great teacher. I'm so grateful to have found you."

Melanie, Roegate

"I left the workshop feeling lighter in my mind and full of confidence of the future ahead of me and I have felt a different person ever since. I no longer have all the worries I was carrying and I now see the bigger picture in everything. I feel more in the present moment and have stopped the need of trying to work the future out and now just let in unfold in its own time."


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Meike, Dorking

"Thank-you Katherine, whew that was more than I expected in terms of releasing! Thank-you for guiding me on your workshop through some potent processes that released some deep seated misperceptions and helped to reconnect more fully 

with my divine self."

Sarah, Eastbourne

"Katherine was the perfect person to host this workshop. Extremely knowledgable about energy work especially the colour mirrors and the emotional and energetic meaning behind the colours.  I really enjoyed the workshop. With Katherine's  compassion and guidance she beautifully led me gently through two massive shifts of my own.  One of which was a huge trigger moment with lots of anger and tears. Thank you Katherine for being so kind and patient and guiding me. A great workshop and great experience for me personally.  I now feel as if I have my flow and shine back ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Kate, Haywards Heath

"From the moment I met Katherine I knew that I really liked her and  that she was someone who I wanted to learn from.  She has this energy  about her and a calmness which is just wonderful. The workshop was  wonderful and working with Katherine was fantastic.  She certainly  helped me to shift some things that I was holding onto.  Katherine is a  very kind, feminine and open.  I felt safe with her and was able to be  honest and open up about myself and my feelings.  She really helped me  to work through some issues and if I could see her every day I would.   She is an amazing woman and what a fantastic therapy the colour mirrors  system is.  It just seems to completely know what you need and it was so healing."