If you are struggling with understanding 'what's going on in my life'... 

Then you are not alone! We all experience some form of struggle whether mental, emotional, physical and when we can start to recognise that we are all in a sea of similar experiences, albeit our personal version of them, it helps us to not feel so alone. My personal journey started with feeling abandoned at various times in my early life so I sought ways to cope -  which may be different to yours. Now, my soul's purpose is very clear to me though  I understand that this journey can be confusing and frustrating at times. It moves in cycles and is part of a continuous growth and expansion from feelings of limitation and separation to ulitmately one of unity. My purpose is to help you find the source of your struggle so you can see your personal story and how you keep repeating patterns. When you become consciously aware of them you will flow with more ease through the ups and downs, ins and outs and find the answers to 'what's going on' as part of a bigger picture. 

If you aren't living your life with passion and purpose....

And you want to, you want to  be open to the possibilities that are available in abundance for you then this is the time to start. We all have unique gifts and talents and often it's 'us' that get in our own way - fears, doubts, beliefs that block us  from moving forward, taking that next step. I've made many changes in my life and have become a great manifestor, even when I question some of my choices - I have learned to appreciate the stage I am in as I evolve. Early on I was the youngest Sales Manager for a 5* London hotel, visiting European  clients; I then manifested working in television with a successful a career spanning 15 years travelling the world...I manifested acting work following my dream of being on stage. What I have always done is follow my passion and with that I find my purpose. It's about what story we follow and tell ourselves. What script we keep acting from, the words we use to describe ourselves and ultimately the frequency we put out as to what we attract. 

If you face challenges... 

Welcome - we all do! Change is - well - part of the process of evolving and change can present us with challenges and feel quite chaotic. We tend to crave security and safety  from our human ego, though this also keeps us stuck in patterns. And telling the same story. Emotions are natural and what we feel going through change is part of our experience to learn and grow. It's how we work with our emotions and our experiences. Do we stop them or welcome them? Do we resist them or hide and deny them...or choose to embrace what is going on as a choice we are making on a much deeper level. This is the challenge when we look at just one part of our story or script, we miss out the whole play! I have faced many personal challenges and having had a break down along with panic attacks and then massively stressful job with long hours. I totally understand how we can feel overwhelm with emotions. I learnt to navigate through them and I use tools and techniques which have helped me to flow and transition through change.  

My story changed...

And yours can too! It's whether you feel ready and willing to turn up. Sometimes this is at our lowest point and we just find ourselves saying 'enough'.  And as everything is a cycle we can go through the process many times until we are ready to master the lesson, take responsibility for our lives.    I wasn't happy with my story. I had played the archetypes (characters) for too long. Living and working in London, single, successful, travelling the world and... also drinking too much.  I had my own home, loved where I lived and ultimately loved my jobs - both as an television producer and actress - but there was something I was missing. There was a part of the story I hadn't connected to. I didn't want to be single. I didn't want to be 'just' ok. I wanted more. I wanted happiness. Abundance. Love. I wanted to love myself enough to truly show up authentically, not as a character I was playing. We all have 'headlines', the key to the story which is what we keep repeating with every fibre of our being; but my life story and what I kept telling myself just wasn't really working. I wasn't happy. Everything is energy and we vibrate at this level - telling the same story about ourselves, our lives, our childhood, our relationships... and that combined with all the 'evidence' we build to keep us to keep playing the same part. If you don't want the experiences you are having and deep down you know 'there's more' and you know 'you are more' then absolutely - you are ready to change your story. 

So are you now willing to change....  It can only come from you. Your desire to change. The knowing something is out of balance in your life, a longing for a deeper connection to you, feeling there is something 'more' and now you want activate the greatest version of yourself and live a truly wonderful life. I have years of experience and training having followed both traditional and holistic practices with  my journey which began 20 years ago. I can  guide you to bridge change to  awaken to your soul's purpose and ignite the change you are seeking. You too scan start a new script, a new story and live a life of purpose, passion and abundance.   Align with your masculine and feminine energies, embody your authentic self, bridge the  mind, body and soul to feel empowered and living with All of Life.


Private Clients

Colour Soul Readings

Colour Soul Readings

holistic therapy for stress, manage anxiety, change patterns, energy medicine, EFT, mindful practice

Being able to find support for the change you go through, taking the first step in reaching out is massive. You, you have brought yourself here to read these words and are already changing your story. So Yay!

 I never changed with just one session. In fact I saw my psychotherapist for a whole year - then trained and continued with the support.  There's also not a 'quick fix'  to awakening. 

Single sessions can help you shift something that's currently challenging you, though a series of sessions will  help you to go deeper and explore yourself in an more intimate way, which, if you are willing, is the start of changing your story. 

I bridge the soul level working intuitively with a practical way to ground the changes in mind, body and soul. Being grounded in your body is important for the shifts we are making and in raising our vibration as a collective.

I use my guidance with energy psychology tools notably the Colour Mirrors System,  EFT (Tapping), Mindfulness & HeartMath, for transforming experiences.  I combine these practices with a foundation in counseling and psychotherapy techniques. 

As an intuitive therapist, I bring my awareness of well-being in mind, body and soul  to help you feel confident to taking the first step to change. 

Working together over a period of time gives you the space to re-frame your story....Are you ready.... Enquire or Book here

Colour Soul Readings

Colour Soul Readings

Colour Soul Readings

Colour healing, colour mirrors, soul guidance, life blueprint, astrology with colour, bridge change

A Colour Soul Reading is a blueprint for your own personal life and is such a great way to understand your purpose. It's like saying 'oh there is my story' because it's your unique vibration and these are key skills your soul chose to experience (and work through) in this lifetime. 

Your birthday, month and year never change so this is a guide providing you with insights and clarification on your path. 

A Colour Soul Reading shows you the energy and vibration of your patterns which can be revealing and liberating as it helps you to connect all the dots. It also shows you where you may still have some self-exploration to do. 

The Colour Soul Readings I offer are intuitively guided using the Colour Mirrors bottles and colour psychology, based upon your birth day/month/year and your full birth name.  

You can also book a Colour Soul Reading to look at yours and anothers (partner/ family) relationship in order to understand it on a deeper level. 

Enquire or book here: 



Colour Soul Readings


Colour Mirrors practitioner training, deep transformation, bridge change, connect to unity conscious

It is a joy and honour to be able to teach this incredible system of transformation.  The Colour Mirrors System  is simply such a wonderful tool and I offer online and in person training. I usually run these as and when I get requests so if you are interested register now and we can start chatting. 

The vibration of each colour enables us to understand this profound healing therapy and how to apply it to every day life. See here.

The 9 Step Awakening Activation Programme

This programmme is an awakening to bridge your mind, body and soul activating your connection to your multi-dimensional self and awakening to your true purpose in this lifetime.   

It follows a spiritual framework that our Soul is aware of and awakens us to our true, limitless potential with love, joy, abundance, wealth and health and bridges this in fields of energy that you can connect with daily. 

The 9 Step Awakening Activation programme offers 3 areas of bridging change -  becoming Conscious of what we are saying about our story; Creative in how we change the script and Cohesive in how we embody a new abundance that changes our frequency.

This 9 step  Awakening Activation offers you the opportunity to change your life! 

This programme activates change in all areas of your life and incorporates everything I have learned and experienced and brings with it a connection to the stars and accessing our multidimensional selves. 


Denise, Leatherhead

Denise, Leatherhead

Denise, Leatherhead

"I have to say that, after trying to heal my left side for about 15 (!) years, one session with you on Saturday has made a massive difference and I can actually lie on my left side a bit again.   I've known for years that I've got a problem with receiving but have tried so many things to shift it...I'm so astounded that the energy shifted so quickly!!!  I'm seriously thinking of training in Colour Mirrors as well!!!  Thanks SO much!" 

Carina, Haslemere

Denise, Leatherhead

Denise, Leatherhead

"I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed our sessions and how much I have got out of them.  Thank you for your insights and wisdom.  It has helped me to detach and move on from something that has been bugging me for ages and I couldn't seem to shift."

Jackie, Coventry

Denise, Leatherhead

Jackie, Coventry

"Thank you SO much for your love and skilful facilitation this week, and thank you for your email of helpful notes and ideas. The process you led me through was very powerful and came out of the blue. I was stunned by the ‘falling into place’ of so much of what I’ve experienced in my life (and maybe previous lives). It makes me smile that it was vanity and camera/video work that drew me to you and I got SO much more!"


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Client's Words...

Create change, unlimited abundance, colour mirrors, counselling, energy EFT, soulful living, unity


'helped me focus my thoughts'

'dig deeper'

'opened the way for a new path'

'full of confidence'

'the bigger picture'



'powerful experience'

'reconnect to divine self'


'flow and shine back'

'opened the gate to a new path'

'powerful process'

'insights and wisdom'


'lighter in mind a different person ever since'

'helping me get things in perspective'

The Transforming Power of Colour

The Colour Mirrors System

The Colour Mirrors System is a powerful guide to understanding, interpreting and growing from life's experiences.  Colour Mirrors as a way of bridging the subconscious and conscious patterns that can limit areas of our lives and helps us to transition through change.  

The Colour Mirrors System can be applied in areas such as: 

- seeing our blocks, limiting beliefs and where we feel stuck

- offers us insights into our process of understanding our mind, body, soul connection to Wholebeing

- shows us our life purpose through numerology and Colour Soul Readings 

- provides us with the opportunity to transform patterns (relationship & family) as well as security, work and life choices

- allows us to tap into our selves to show us how to grow and expand

As a Teacher, I run Certified Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training in person and online as well as running workshops, training and giving talks around Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. 

I offer talks, training and workshops around the country.  April's (2019) Issue of Spirit & Destiny featured a masterclass with me and Colour Mirrors. 

I also write and was asked by a PR Company to research colour psychology and it's use in understanding design which was subsequently used in various media publications. "Colour zones 'key to boosting performance at work', say experts"...Dale Office interiors spoke to a number of top colour psychologists and design consultants to find out how colour zones can affect productivity.

A selection of bottles in the Colour Mirrors system

A selection of bottles in the Colour Mirrors system


Penny, Midhurst

Penny, Midhurst

Penny, Midhurst

"Thank you for your lovely empowering words...right this moment I feel very  empowered and being grateful for, and thanking the universe, for seeing how to forgive. Thank you Katherine for your understanding and knowledge, you really have opened the gate for me to follow a new beautiful loving path."

Sarah, Brighton

Penny, Midhurst

Penny, Midhurst

"Wow ! Thank you so much for your help. You have really helped me dig deeper & helped me understand where I should focus my thoughts. You really are a special women & a great teacher. I'm so grateful to have found you."

Melanie, Rogate

Penny, Midhurst

Melanie, Rogate

"I left the workshop feeling lighter in my mind and full of confidence of the future ahead of me and I have felt a different person ever since. I no longer have all the worries I was carrying and I now see the bigger picture in everything. I feel more in the present moment and have stopped the need of trying to work the future out and now just let in unfold in its own time."

Transformation conference 2019 - WORKSHOP FEEDBACK


More About Me


Certified Training

  • Teacher and Practitioner of The Colour Mirrors System
  • Workshop Facilitator and Coach of HeartMath®
  • Practitioner Levels 1-3 EFT (Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting
  • RSA Certificate Counselling Skills for the Development of Learning 
  • Certified ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage Therapist
  • Certified Applied Bio-Mechanics Therapist

Other Holistic Training

  • Matrix Reimprinting (Karl Dawson 2014)
  • Mind-Map Tapping 
  • Self-Directed Play through The Childrens' Hours Trust
  • Psychotherapy - a 2 year experiential course in humanistic approach (Spectrum UK)

Ongoing Development

Further insights, training, learnings; 

  • I regularly attend workshops and continue to be inspired by the Colour Mirrors system and it's founder and my friend, Melissie Jolley as well as my wonderful teacher and friend Korani.
  • Continuous personal development with programmes from Mary Morrisey, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Anat Baniel and many many more!
  • I love cooking and food / nutrition plays a really important part of my well-being. I have recently followed series such as Broken Brain - Dr Mark Hyman and Interconnected Series - Dr. Pedram Shojai (2019).
  • I work with sound and sacred geometry - I love the series The Sacred Science of Sound and the music by Eric Rankin at Sonic Geometry. 
  • NICAM - National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine - various courses it's a little bit dense for me though offers such practical skills I can share!
  • I love Lyssa Royal-Holt's work and channeling as well as love and appreciate Aluna Joy, Celia Fenn, Patricia Cota-Robles and Sandra Walter for their continued service and gifts to humanity. 
  • My gratitude to Alexis Zane who's alchemy with gonging is truly powerful. 

Television Career

A 15 year career, here are some CV credits. CV on Linkedin

  • Aldi - award winning commercial finding locations & nationwide casting 
  • Stephen Fry in The City of London (Sprout Pictures for ITV)
  • Wild Life at the Zoo (Imagination TV for ABC Australia)
  • Child Survivors  - in Fiji (Dragonfly for Animal Planet)
  • Born to Shine - ITV  Winner of Rose D'Or award
  • Emmy nominated 'The History of US' (Nutopia for The History Channel)
  • Derren Brown 3 (Objective Productions for C4)
  • Grand Designs (Talkback Thames for C4)
  • Sarah Beeny's 'Streets Ahead '(Talkback Thames for C4)
  • The Play's The Thing with Sonia Friedman (Granada for C4)
  • Top Toilets - The Slot (A series I co-wrote, filmed and produced for C4)

Acting Career

7 years including of stage and screen:

  • Repertory Theatre - Sidmouth
  • Shakespeare Season - Cambridge
  • Pantomime - Touring
  • Chekhov - London 
  • Award winning Ep 3 'The History of US' - Mill Girls 
  • New Writing Plays - London & Norwich

About me:

Our journey's are continuously evolving and in truth, the script I am working with gets rewritten as I change my experiences;  observing myself, noticing reactions as they arise and exploring what 'reality' I am creating is always going to be an evolution and part of an awakening and shift in perspective.  

My great love was Shakespeare and Chekhov as story-tellers, not that I understood them at school, though later as an actress playing the characters and acting the story-drama-narrative. They were such incredible authors and captured the nuances of human experiences so profoundly and I am forever grateful to them for how richly they helped me in my acting career. 

It wasn't always that way...for many years I would be too scared to speak in front of others. I was happy to joke around and make others laugh and whilst I was in school plays, my confidence and self-esteem as a teenager wasn't high at all. In psychotherapy training I spent the first 3 days in the group of 25 being quiet, not speaking out in the group. But fears can overwhelm us if left to build and my service is to help facilitate bridging change.

With psychotherapy training I learned to understand how we can get hooked into the story; the roles we take on in family, friends, work. What we say to others. How we communicate, through words and the body. How visible we are with what & how we communicate and how we stand in our true power. 

Language and physical traits have become a big part of I how l listen and see the patterns and help clients to dig deep to release and transform.   I hear what people say. Words are energy. What we say about ourselves is the story we keep playing out  and seeing in our reality. 

I have come to understand that at a soul level I chose every part of my journey to experience in this lifetime. I can either tell you it's been  tough or's been amazing. I can eek out your sympathy so I stay a victim or... I can mirror to you it was my choice and empower you. It's all a story. It's all energy. It's all vibration.

As a child of barely 2 my family moved abroad and by the time I was 5 I had lived in 4 different countries. I abandoned beloved pets, adults who felt like family and with each move there was another tiny imprint for my young self.  I was in a house fire at 9 years old, my parents not far away, but not home so my brother and I had to escape through a window. My parents marriage broke up when I was 10 resulting in a return to the UK from Hong Kong, and abandoning 'home' and beloved pets - again. As a teenager my sense of feeling misunderstood by those around me from family, friends and 'authority' figures was part of my experience. I recently found a diary from 1988 in which I wrote "Mum wonders if I want to go and live in a child's home". Thus another layer of my script  was imprinted as a story I projected and told myself. Over and over again. 

I had two car crashes one at  18 and the other at 20, serious ones where I know I could have left. I loved and lost.  I had a break-down before I turned thirty; walking around crying all the time, holding my dad's hand.  I understand panic-attacks and locked trauma in the body and have continued to be interested in somatic and physical body work in order to release the energy.

My breakdown was the biggest gift as it led me to therapy and then psychotherapy training which I did for 2 years as well as training in Counselling Skills.  I continued my television career, started my acting one and finally left London to retrain in holistic and energy practices in 2013.

Transforming the situations we find ourselves and being able to take action to change is not only my journey but my passion to share.  Change is natural, it's the shifting on all levels of our being to realign mind, body, soul.  We are returning to wholeness. We all are evolving in the conscious field and as we continue to move through our experiences the key is to find the balance and harmony within whilst connecting to the bigger picture of consciousness. We bring our whole-selves, all working in unity to create the path of our transformation. The key is in understanding that our alignment is with the trinity in order to deeply connect with All as One. 


Meike, Dorking

Kate, Haywards Heath

Sarah, Eastbourne

"Thank-you Katherine, whew that was more than I expected in terms of releasing! Thank-you for guiding me on your workshop through some potent processes that released some deep seated misperceptions and helped to reconnect more fully 

with my divine self."

Sarah, Eastbourne

Kate, Haywards Heath

Sarah, Eastbourne

"Katherine was the perfect person to host this workshop. Extremely knowledgable about energy work especially the colour mirrors and the emotional and energetic meaning behind the colours.  I really enjoyed the workshop. With Katherine's  compassion and guidance she beautifully led me gently through two massive shifts of my own.  One of which was a huge trigger moment with lots of anger and tears. Thank you Katherine for being so kind and patient and guiding me. A great workshop and great experience for me personally.  I now feel as if I have my flow and shine back ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Kate, Haywards Heath

Kate, Haywards Heath

Kate, Haywards Heath

"From the moment I met Katherine I knew that I really liked her and  that she was someone who I wanted to learn from.  She has this energy  about her and a calmness which is just wonderful. The workshop was  wonderful and working with Katherine was fantastic.  She certainly  helped me to shift some things that I was holding onto.  Katherine is a  very kind, feminine and open.  I felt safe with her and was able to be  honest and open up about myself and my feelings.  She really helped me  to work through some issues and if I could see her every day I would.   She is an amazing woman and what a fantastic therapy the colour mirrors  system is.  It just seems to completely know what you need and it was so healing." 


How can I help?

Thank you for visiting my website!

My own journey and experiences guides me in the work I now do.  
I have been through many changes from careers to relationships, homes to health.
Like many I have loved, lost, grieved, felt angry at 'life', felt alone and bewildered.  
In my search to understand and grow I have sought both traditional and holistic approaches in conscious awakening which now informs how I bridge the mind, body, soul integration.
Love & Light  

Katherine Louise Jones

Storrington, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom